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Hinata as the physically strongest member of Team 8 is probably canon. Actually canon. It is 100% true.

'Dang Shino I can't open this jar go get Hinata.'

'This is too heavy for us to lift. HINATA CAN YOU COME HERE PLEASE.'

'Hinata can you get this please…

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Stop The Beauty Madness is a series of 25 advertisements branded with honest messages that highlight the true “madness” involved in creating and meeting beauty standards. Rice, an author and the founder of Be Who You Are Productions, started the campaign to challenge an internalized belief that a woman’s beauty determines her value.

Have a good look here- X

these are beautiful

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Two years ago we made a fake trailer for a movie we WANTED to make. And TODAY thanks to you guys, the OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER for that movie is here! You did this. Your support and love brought the smart black movie genre back from the dead and into theaters this OCTOBER 17TH!!



I don’t think y’all understand how excited I am for this film.

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Best $1.85 I have ever spent.

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1x02 - Used to care so much about what people thought of me. Now, who cares? They’ll be dead in a hundred years and I won’t be, so what’s their opinion matter? (x)

#saveintheflesh  bbcthree bbcamerica  


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I have a new phone ! The tumblr app works so much better now !

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In the Flesh is a BAFTA award winning BBC supernatural drama series in the same vein as Being Human and The Fades. It depicts life in the fictional English village of Roarton after “The Rising”, with a medication that returns consciousness to the undead having been found before the events of the show. It stars Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker, an 18-year-old bisexual/pansexual PDS (“Partially Deceased Syndrome”) sufferer who returns home to extreme prejudice from the conservative townsfolk and alienation from his sister, who - during The Rising - was part of a militia dedicated to hunting down his kind.

BBC recently revealed that BBC3 will be closed down as a TV channel in 2015 and moved completely online. This, sadly, puts the future of this brilliant show in jeopardy. The fandom for this show is small, but devoted and geared up to show their support in any way possible. But it’s not enough. More people should be watching this show - this beautiful, intelligent, revolutionary show. It has many elements of the pieces of media that often drag the vast majority of this website in and it hasn’t quite achieved that yet… Notice that I say “yet”. 

There has already been a list of links to watch the show on tumblr, but the links are outdated and don’t include BBC iPlayer - which is the best way to watch the show as it contributes ratings. Luckily I have a butt load of time and a desperate need to get other people into this show (like, “break into your house and force you to watch it” desperate):

Series One
Episode One: Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: Stream | Torrent

Series Two

Episode One: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Four: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Five: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Six: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent

Series one isn’t available on BBC iPlayer anymore and episode six of series two airs on Sunday the 8th of June at 10pm UK time. If you live outside the UK and would like to watch the show on BBC iPlayer, you can use extensions such as Hola.

You can also help by using the hashtags #intheflesh and #saveintheflesh over on twitter and following the cast and creatives to show your appreciation - Luke Newberry, Emmett Scanlan, Dominic Mitchell, Emily Bevan, Harriet Cains, Kev Sutton, Marie Critchley, Alice Troughton, Damon Thomas, Dale McCready

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